Let’s Get This Blog Rolling!

tequila for blogHello first time sharer, second time blogger here. Stop! Stop! Stop! Does that even make sense? In order to blog you kinda have to share some things, right? Well, the way I blogged the first time one could possibly disagree. My first blog was about a trip I took to Australia to keep my family and friends in the loop that I was still alive and well. Of course I added things about my adventures like jumping off a bridge with nothing but a cord to keep me from plummeting to my death. Or things like catching my first wave on a surf board in shark infested water. Including insane things like couch surfing, staying at strangers houses that you don’t know if they are normal or just waiting to hack you to pieces. Yeah… I’m sure no one was worried EVER. But, what about behind the scenes? The Aussies love to party, and I don’t remember adding anything in those posts about ALL the drinking I did. I mean c’mon my grandma was going to be reading it. I was already in my third year of college by the time I went, so I obviously had my fair share of partying done. I could slam a beer like a pro, take shots of tequila with no problem, and still make it to class at 7:45 the next morning no matter what day of the week it was. That is if I didn’t do shots and slam drinks in one night. I probably only made it to class if I did one or the other. Okay maybe I just made it the class that started at noon. Beside the point, I was fairly experienced and already knew what I could handle. Oh, but poor grandma asks “what’s the drinking age over there?” I answer back with the age of 18 (I was 20). Her reply, “oh I need to take you to a bar so you can get some practice!” I love the fact my grandma thought that a third year college student didn’t have enough experience already. I couldn’t ruin that by adding all the stupid, uncanny things I did. I couldn’t help but ask, should I have added those things?

I started to think about everyday life. I don’t share a lot of personal information with people, not even close friends. The only person I tell almost everything to is my best friend who also happens to be my mom. Is keeping things more private really a better way to go? I mean I DO have quite a few hilarious thoughts in my head that really deserve to be shared with everyone. I at least think I’m rather side-splitting. I had to ask myself, did I really want to keep going through life with all my secrets, lessons learned, and experiences kept to myself? If I regret not adding more to my first blog, then would I regret not sharing more of my thoughts through life? My answers: No and Yes respectively. That is why I am starting my second blog.

I’ve been back from Australia for a whole year just this past week, and I think it is time to let people see what goes on in this whimsical brain of mine. Believe me I have A LOT to share. I’m sure this is common for many of you where your mind just keeps going and going and going and… well you get the point. In my case it’s like that but add a dash of A.D.D, a handful of randomness, a hint of awkwardness, an abundance of sarcasm, and a broken radio that is stuck on seek. My Australian adventure may be over for now, but my sarcastic thoughts keep rolling through. So this blog is now a personal uncensored blog to my daily thoughts. It’s me unplugged and on the road to finding the comedy behind life!


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