Maybe that’s what they were going for?

So today I have observed many people. Mostly about the things they were wearing.  It’s finally starting to warm up outside so there are many different fashion choices out there.  Questionable, ludicrous, outrageous, silly choices, but I digress.  I live on a very busy street near my college campus. Everyone is always walking in front of our house, and we have many places for people watching.  While monitoring the passer-bys I found myself thinking “why would someone wear that?” I had this question numerous of times!

There were two couples rollerblading down the sidewalk.  The two guys were up in front wearing basketball shorts and cutoff t-shirts.  They looked ready for a day of rollerblading in the sun.  Then I noticed the two girls: short jean shorts, hair perfectly straightened, sequined shirts, and I’m assuming a fresh layer of make-up.  Now when I go rollerblading I wear my hair in some sort of messy up do, an outfit similar to what the guys were wearing, and eventually a nice layer of sweat. Then it hit me! Maybe the girls just wanted to look like they were going to a sports photo shoot that never really existed.  Or maybe they wanted to blind all the drivers with their reflecting shirts and possibly get hit. If they fell, they could have wanted the least amount of protection covering their legs possible so they could get some pretty wicked scars. No matter the reason who am I to ask “why?” No matter how ridiculous they looked dressed up while doing a sport, That’s just what they were going for.

After an hour I saw 5 boys finally emerge from their party house across the street at the crack of 5 in the late afternoon. All were looking pretty good dressed up in suits.  Then of course there’s always that one person in the group who makes people question their decisions. I’m assuming these boys had somewhere special to be, because from dorm life experiences boys rarely step out of their 5 shirt and 4 pairs of pants/shorts combo.  So I’m wondering where that last guy thought, “Yeah! Let me add this awesome camo hat with this suit and I will look extra good.”  From the presence of head shakes he got while walking out the door, I’m assuming his friends disproved. Then you start to wonder…. Maybe he was going hunting after attending the fancy event. He could have not wanted people to see him and blend in at the event.  Perhaps he was just exercising the right to express himself, although I’m not quite sure what camo exudes when it comes to expression. His friends should suck up the head shakes, because whatever the reason, it’s just what he was going for.

Note to girls who wear thin light colored shirts and dark bras: Everyone can see through your shirt.  If you are just on your way to a wet t-shirt contest, well then I wish you luck. I hope you win because I’m sure that’s what you’re going for!



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