Are you talking to me?

The way people in my generation are speaking is really starting to horrify me. Now I’m not OCD about correct grammar, and I definitely won’t correct anyone. Those people who have the need to correct every grammar mistake actually irritate me. Texting is supposed to be an informal way to communicate with friends. Not this place where you have to worry about whether or not you put the comma in the right place. I understand that by now we should all know the difference between your and you’re, their and there, and to and two. On the other hand is it really the end of the world if someone uses the wrong one? While having an actual conversation you don’t interrupt the person and ask, “Now when you say that are you using the correct form?” So why ignore your friend’s text completely and simply reply with the correction: you’re*. Quite frankly I think it’s just RUDE.


It’s not really the grammar that gets me. It’s the use of certain words that confuse me. Does YOLO bother anyone else besides me? It’s like the dumb down version of Carpe Diem. Zac Efron has gotten YOLO tattooed on his hand… That is the only one I will ever over look just because…well…. c’mon it’s Zac Efron. I’m a girl. Sue me. It recently has been looking a little lighter in color so maybe even he came to his senses and is trying to get it removed. Anyways, the way in which people use the acronym is also a little EXTREMELY unreasonable. For example when girls in short, tight, skimpy dresses go out and one of them forgot to put underwear on, but goes on top of the bar to dance despite her current commando situation…. YOLO!! I mean is “you only live once” really an excuse to flash your cooka to an entire bar? Yeah one day you won’t be here, but come on at least have some dignity. I’m sure guys are just as bad as girls when it comes to using the phrase, but I have more than enough time to bash that gender later.

LATER??? Ok, you’re right, how about now. Commence the bashing of the opposite sex! So recently I had a boy (let’s call him George) that I went to high school with in the past message me on Facebook. I don’t have any recollections of us talking much in school or ever hanging out either. On the other hand I did talk to one of his friends (Phillip) a lot, who coincidentally had a crush on me. Now awhile back George contacted me to talk to me about Phillip. You know talk him up, find out if I had feelings, if I was seeing anyone, etc. (What were we in, middle school again? Lame!) I didn’t feel the same way about Phil, but never really officially rejected him either. After awhile the conversations ended with both of the guys and I was relieved I wasn’t bothered anymore. That was until the other day I received a message from George. It went like this….

George: Hey
Me: Hi
G: how hve u been whts new
M: I’ve been okay. Nothing new here. How about you?
G: Sam jus wrk sht hmu we shud chill (left phone number)
M: I don’t live in (Hometown) anymore
G: where do u sty
M: (College town) for now and hopefully moving somewhere out of state when I’m done with school.
G: Well we still can meet up chill sometime I can come the (college town) from time to time if u wanted
M: I don’t have a lot of free time but I can let you know if I’m in (Hometown) ever
G: Koo

*Every mistake in there was real. If you think it was a typo by me, don’t. It was hard enough trying to re-type the conversation that took place without correcting it.

A few quick things before my rant on the writing style, if you will. Why is he trying to drive a total of three hours when we have never hung out ever before? I mean I know why. Its just weird, creepy, and gross. Next, what happened to the respect of your friend? News flash: Loyalty is more attractive.

Now that is not the only thing unattractive. If you aren’t going to take the time to use vowels in your words, say the actual word cool or you, well then you don’t deserve my time. I mean seriously, why are you talking like you forgot how to spell. I think a first grader knows better than that. You are not “hood” or “gangster” if I have to try and translate everything you say into a normal way that I can understand. I just think you’re stupid and I like men who are intelligent.

For the people OCD with grammar, just be thankful this isn’t the most popular problem you have to deal with. There are always worse things so just deal with a few misused yours and theirs. It’s not the end of the world as we know it. I promise. What I can also promise you is that if you correct people on a daily basis, well then you are hated by many.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at people, even if it’s not very nice.


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