Time Flies

Finally after about a year of my own personal computer crashing I purchased a new one! I’ve been borrowing Karen’s (broken one) for a while since she got a new one and I kept putting it off (I know what you’re thinking, and yes she really let me borrow it!)  I started this blog and then got sick, then got my wisdom teeth pulled, then I started my job again… Before I knew it, it’s been months since I’ve posted anything. Same goes for sharing photos or even staying in touch with friends. It is absolutely insane how fast time is going by!

Just a couple thoughts…

-No matter what you do, you’ll lose contact with friends over time: but, time between seeing friends won’t always affect your relationship (usually the amount of time between get-togethers just effects how much time we spend consuming alcohol and catching up)

– Just because someone doesn’t talk to you for a while, don’t assume they forgot about you (just use Facebook to find your answer!)

-Even if you’re bored and not doing anything, enjoy it because at some point you’ll wish you had that kind of time back (when you’re swamped with work, homework….. life, you’ll have that previous wasted time to daydream about)

– When you have multiple trips or activities you want to do make a list or you’ll forget some of the things you wanted to do (also only expect to cross off a couple of them, not to put you down but you will never get to all of them. Go ahead prove me wrong, I dare you!)

– Unless you have a due date in class or work, don’t stress about getting something done on time (you didn’t get your room organized today, or the day before so what, there’s always tomorrow)

-It’s never too late to do something (well that might not be true, but in this getting back to blogging case it works perfectly in my favor!)

– This has nothing to do with time at all, but when the hell is this zombie phenomenon going to pass???? It’s more annoying than the sparkling vampire era. I mean more people believe in the zombie apocalypse than they believed Al Gore about Global Warming…. There’s something wrong there! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I watched the twilight movies and read the books, but I didn’t go to camps to learn how to survive a cult of vampires!!! Priorities people, priorities!


Now that I have a new computer and better health, I will be making a better point to get back on here. Can’t wait to start sharing again!



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