The Beetle Juice Notion

Alright everyone! The joke is up! Enough is enough. My life has got to be a TV show for everyone else’s amusement. Bring out the cameras, sound crew, and Ashton Kutcher to say my whole life has been a series of the Punk’d show.  Forget the movie “The Truman Show”, because that’s my life.


My existence as I know it is a movie. Not the kind of movie where you would want it to be. It’s not a rom-com where I end up with the man of my dreams and live happily ever after.  It’s not a fairytale with magic, a fairy godmother, nor a prince. One thing is for certain: it’s a comedy.  It’s a comedy where I am the brunt of all jokes. Everything that happens, happens to me for everyone else sheer entertainment; including my own.

I have to admit it. I think the series of unfortunate (and sometimes fortunate) events that happen while may be cruel, are also funny. I mean I do have to laugh. Especially those moments where you think to yourself “only that would happen to me.”

Sometimes I just don’t know if the things that happen are coincidences or planned. Or do I just jinx myself by saying/thinking things.  I mean there will be times where I think to myself “oh thank god this guy doesn’t talk to me anymore.” It never fails, no matter how long it’s been since I have heard from them, they will text me that day. Along with a couple other people that I wouldn’t want to hear from. I mean maybe it’s like Beetle Juice. If you say it too many times, it’s bound to happen. (Well then why doesn’t the other things I daydream about happen??)

Same goes for seeing people out at the bars that you probably don’t want to see. Either because something awkward happened with them, or they just make you flustered beyond belief. Now my Uni’s town isn’t that big, but there are a lot of bars to make the chances of seeing some people slim. Although my chances, no matter what, is always 100%.

Things that happen that should surprise me, don’t. I’m just used to it, and I can just see it coming. If I am shocked by what happened then that’s when I think I’ll be seeing Ashton soon. But still he never seems to show. I guess the ratings on my multi-part movie are very high and can’t be ruined yet. Which I guess is understandable considering I would want to watch my life too if I were anybody else. It’s probably an award-winning one too.

In the next blogs to come I will be more descriptive in what kinds of things happen to me. Until then you will just have to believe me when I say, my life is a joke. I will try my best to keep on providing the laughs that my life events exude. I also have to just keep on laughing. Keep the awkwardness coming! Bring it on, and keep those cameras rolling!



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