Get Out of the House

These are some of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets I was able to witness in Tasmania on my long walks to and from the inner city of Hobart:







Above are all the same sunset at different times. I remember this the most because I almost didn’t even get a chance to see this. I was on the phone with my mom and was walking out to hang my swim suit and rashie out to dry. I turned around, looked up, and said “OMG! Mom. This sunset is unreal” I ran in the house as fast as I could to grab my camera because I thought I was going to miss it. Pictures will never do it justice, but it’s something I will never forget. Just imagine all the things we miss because we sit inside the house!








Above are all the same sunrise in different directions. The first is of the clouds above Mount Wellington. The middle two are of the Tasman Bridge with some time between the two shots.

Tasmania was such a beautiful place, but I do think I enjoyed my walks a lot. I was able to take in all the scenery, and see things like this. I can’t wait to travel there again someday. Until then I’ll just keep getting kangaroo jerky at the state fair to get my fix!!!



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