A pinch of me… the auspicious potion that lead to the making of yours truly

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of Me

In response to Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of me

I dropped the whole recipe idea. I feel like a brewed witch’s potion is more like me.

Warning: The practice of witchcraft is needed, but this is for good. Like Harry Potter good.

66 drops of sweat from Mario Lemieux for a healthy obsession of hockey

13 Alligator scales for an adrenalin junkie

3 sloth toes for awkwardness

2 butterfly wings for an extrovert and socialness

5 dove feathers for a free spirit

1 bottle of clouds for an avid daydreamer

7 four leaf clovers for luck

1 gallon of moon rocks for a colossal imagination and creativity

4 bottles of laughs for optimism and happiness

1 Ace of spades from a deck of cards for spontaneity

21 passion fruits for an immense amount of passion and love in everything and everyone important

5 shots of tequila for fun. (Warning: don’t go past 5 or ridiculous things may occur)

11 lbs. of fireworks for trailblazing (A person who blazes a trail for others to follow: a leader)

5 movie scripts: “Easy A”, “Stick It”, “A Night at the Roxbury”, “Step Brothers”, and “Pitch Perfect” for a knowledge of movies and quoting aficionado

1 flash shirt for “The Big Bang Theory” enthusiast

Add as many CDs as possible for extra happiness

For Sarcasm: Add anything left over. A season of “Men at Work”, “Gilmore Girls”, or “How I Met Your Mother”, something regarding Ellen Degeneres, Dane Cook, Kristen Wiig, or Rebel Wilson, maybe a few extra sloth toes, something with a kick to it like hot peppers (or mild peppers depending on how you like your sarcasm), shark teeth for a little bite, and a kazoo for a slight but refreshing hint of weirdness.

Finish off with 2 blue iris flowers for the eyes, 3 pigs tails for the extra curly hair and some drops of golden sun for tanned skin.

Combine all ingredients in a black caldron. Fill the rest with Ocean water and sand for the love of beach and surfing. Stew over a wood fire.

***Make sure to have an IV drip filled with coffee available at all times or else the spell will go south very quickly. Keep in 75-90 degree weather for an everlasting potion.

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of Me



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