National Tequila Day

tequila blog 2You know you have a drinking problem when all your friends find out it’s national tequila day and they all have to tweet, text, Facebook, Instagram, call, or show up to your house with a bottle of tequila in hand for you like it’s your own personal birthday.  I swear I don’t drink a lot. And by a lot I mean I don’t drink every weekend and definitely not during the week. But that’s why I don’t understand how all my friends think that I’m celebrating national tequila day, right now… at 10 in the am. Maybe because they just assume I was born on such an awesome day like today?

For a tequila lover I actually didn’t even know it was national tequila day. Whenever I do drink it’s pretty much national tequila day for me.  I’m one of the few out of my group of friends that likes this enchanting liquor.  I’m not sure what it is that makes it my go to drink of choice. It could be the hilarious stories the next day, or the short amount of time it gets you drunk, or the level of tipsy it makes me. Either way it always makes for a fun night.


It is true what they say about “One tequila, Two tequila, Three tequila, FLOOR!”  I think I made it past three and four one night, tequila blog 3but I can’t say I made it past the third or fourth step  safely on the way down to my room which is in the basement. I mean I hardly make it down those stairs sober. You add some alcohol in the mix and that’s just a death trap! That next morning was a little rough, but still hasn’t stopped me. Just turn up Chumbawamba’s “I Get Knocked Down” song and you’ll be pumped up for the next night of partying.


Sadly I won’t be celebrating tonight. I have class tomorrow morning, and a long drive home after. That doesn’t mean I won’t be celebrating a different night this week though! When I do I will steer clear of stairs, and anything else that will wreak havoc on my clumsy self. Happy Celebrating tequila lovers!





3 thoughts on “National Tequila Day

  1. Huh National Tequila Day…Who would of thunk! Well regardless, it certainly sounds like my kind of day! I will have a drink in your honor seeing as how you won’t be celebrating in this newfound fabulous…I’m going to call it a holiday!

    Great post!!! 🙂

    • Ah yes! Holiday is a rather fitting word to describe such a wonderful day. Make sure that drink is filled to the rim and every last drop is gone! Thanks for reading and happy celebrating… and well, drinking!

  2. Dahling, happy belated……next time I have a margarita (so very Texas, dontcha know), I will raise my glass to you as a toast, for your love of Tequila and for being born on Tequila Day. Cheers.

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