Well, I did it!!

I made it 22 years old!!! Happy Birthday to me!


If you would like to, you can have a shot (or 3) of tequila in my honor… Just a (genius) suggestion.


Having a Birthday in the middle of the week pretty much bites, but I have a Ke$ha concert tomorrow, a boat cruise Friday night, and jet skiing all day Saturday… So it makes up for it!





I probably should listen to Taylor Swift’s “22” since I haven’t yet today…

I also sometimes think I should do crystal meth… then I think mmm better not!


Have a good week and enjoy your tequila!!




4. A and A (What’s my age again?)

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! I had finals for my summer class so mine was pretty stressful, but I made it!

Here’s my A and A of my week. What’s yours?


The awesome part of my week is that I am finished with my summer class, and now have a break for two weeks! Finally I get to relax. I spent the weekend with my family at our cabin, and my birthday is in two days!


The awkward part of my week is that I was sitting down at a table with my three cousins (16, 14, and 13 years old) and two other 16 year olds, drinking a beer while they all had healthy glasses of milk. I guess I didn’t get the strong bones memo. I just thought I’d take the opportunity to exercise my liver, right? Let me just say that playing drinking games was obviously out. Milk pong anyone?


Oh well, next time I just need to remember to bring a friend to drink adult milk with. Have a fantastic week!




All are pictures I took of animals in Australia.


Penguin couple: Even they can get a boyfriend before me.


Pelicans waiting for the fishermen to throw the scraps: mmm fish guts!


Koala bear munching on some leaves: someone get this guy a cheeseburger!


Donkey: When you see the photobomb 🙂


A couple of Peacocks: The white one got the memo to stand out


Albino Kangaroo: I love naps too


Kangaroo: How much do you lift?


Kangaroo: “Just 5 more minutes, mom”


Penguin: what a cave dweller


Fish: Don’t swim into the light!


Jellyfish: Which way is up?


Geckos: The coast is clear


frogmouth owl: stuck in a cage


Cat: Not close enough


Kookaburra: He’s not laughing


Alligator: Fat Albert


Lizard: thinks he’s a statue


Elephant: At the watering hole


Tiger: trying to figure out what I’m doing


Rhinos: It’s hotter where you came from boys


Tortoise: That grin, creepy or cute?


Wallaby: those buck teeth! ❤


Koala: I must have woke him up


birds: bath time


duck: quack quack?


Such beautiful colors


He showed off for the camera

Well that’s all for the cbl’s safari. Have a great day!


Meteor Shower

For awhile now I’ve had “Witness a meteor shower” on my bucket list. However, I could never seem to get that item crossed off. These shooting stars would come and go, but whenever they were around it was ALWAYS fucking cloudy! Every time I would have the days marked down in my calendar, have plans to drive up the bluffs, and watch. But Noooooo those stupid fluffy puffs of destruction would just roll in and ruin my day! I thought that was the case today too when I woke up this morning and it was raining.


Well, It finally went in my favor! The sun came out, burned all the fog away, and the sky was clear!


My friend Andrea* and I drove up to the bluffs with my current service dog Wally. It was perfect weather and I was so excited.

We picked out our spot, laid down and got ready for the flashy show. As we waited a few more people showed up and walked past us. A group of girls walked past and a few screamed “Omg! is that a dog!?!” No, it’s a crocodile, be careful. What else would it fucking be!? (They also thought the bugs flying in and out of the light were the meteors *face palm*) Then, as a couple walked past us, Wally decided to bark at them. He has a very intimidating bark, which is probably why they jumped about 10 feet in the air. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing right away. I tried apologizing, but it was hard getting “I’m sorry” out in between laughing. Oops.


Finally, the Meteors started! Even with all the light pollution, it was still an awesome thing to see. There were a lot, but only one really good one. I’m just happy to finally have seen one and get it crossed off the bucket list: Perseid Meteor Shower 2013.. Check!

This is exactly what the one looked like!



On the long, dark walk back to the car there was a group of guys and girls walking towards us. One of the guys shouted out “Is that a buffalo!?!… Oh, I seriously though that was a buffalo!” Oh for the sake of humanity please tell me he was at least high off of something! Really? Yeah, don’t mind me. Just taking my buffalo for walk on a leash. No, dude, it’s a dog! A common house pet. But I guess a buffalo is close enough?


Dog or Buffalo??


Things learned:

People may not be very bright… but at least the stars are brighter!

Clouds are not my friends.



3. A and A

Well like always I will start out with the awesome part of my week.

Awesome part of my week is that I finally was able to talk to the cute boy that’s in my summer class. I wasn’t even awkward!!! I know, I’m just as surprised as you are!! I didn’t stutter, I made eye contact (which I weirdly try to avoid), I even managed to make him laugh. Everything was going great. I couldn’t believe how smooth I was. Something just wasn’t right…

Awkward part of my week… well the above scenario just sounded too good to be true right? Yeah. It was. While our conversation was flowing and good… my stomach decided that it wanted to betray me. At the right moment when there was a slight silence in our conversation my stomach decided that it wanted to curse at me for not eating breakfast. This wasn’t a quite measly little stomach growl. It was a full on “You better feed me now bitch!” growl that was oddly a few decibels too high. It also lasted, for what seemed like forever. Like  in the “Star-Spangled Banner” when singers try to hold on to the last note and you’re just waiting with your hands hovering apart in anticipation to clap. That’s how long it was. I tried making a joke, but my bodily function of needing to digest something betrayed me and made it awkward. Oh well, I knew things were just going too well.



hungry stome


What can we learn from this? Don’t talk to cute boys on an empty stomach!