The Devil’s Progenies

There’s these two girls in my class this summer that are just awful.

I like to get along with everyone. I don’t really like or understand when people don’t like me for no reason. But, that’s how it was with the dreadful pair. Right from day one, when I walked in and sat down I got the evil stare. I smiled back, like I always do. They just wrote me off from the start.

What the fuck did I do wrong? Did I wear the wrong color? Should I have one strapped it instead of using both straps on my back pack? What the hell was it?!

I know it couldn’t have anything to do with a boy. Which is probably the number 1 reason why girls hate on girls. Crazy bitches!

So did I even do anything wrong?

No! I didn’t do anything wrong! Those abominable twats just have something stuck up their asses sideways. They probably should get off their high horses because they aren’t as hot of shit as they think they are.

They only talk to other people when they don’t understand what’s going on… which is always.  So they just use whoever they can… and we all know it (and give wrong answers).

I can tolerate evil stares and even them talking about me. I’ve gotten over that childish nonsense a long time ago. But what I can’t stand is when they talk about other members in our class that are just innocent bystanders.

There is this older woman who is in the same class as us. She’s nice, asks a lot of questions, and obviously doesn’t shop at Hollister. Honestly who cares?  Well these spawns of Satan have nothing better going on in their mundane lives so I guess they do.

In lab I heard one of the girls say to all of us, “That old lady is so annoying!”

Her friend backed her up (when no one else would), “Omg! I know, she never shuts up during discussion and always asks questions.”

Okay before I go any further… Are you fucking kidding me? Discussion is the time where we are supposed to ask questions when we don’t understand. Which clearly they should be doing more of considering they always ask everyone else for answers. I don’t understand how utilizing the class time is annoying? It’s better than sitting there for an hour with our teacher lecturing us more. Total snooze fest.

But as if it wasn’t enough to talk about our classmate’s habit of… attending college and learning, then they had to continue on to her appearance.

“And have you seen her luscious mustache” which was followed by laughter of the two and everyone else just awkwardly smiling at them.

I was surprised that they even understood what luscious meant. Either way I had had enough of listening to these girl’s snide comments and laughing at others for no reason.  I finished up and walked out as fast as I could.  I did it quite noticeably, and others soon followed in suit. Which I later heard I missed their following burn about the woman’s wardrobe shortly after I left. Thank goodness because I would have liked to have a battle of words with them. 2 vs. 1 and I would still make them shut their traps. They are just not worth my time or breath to bother. I’m sure karma will come around soon enough.

I don’t know why it bothers me so much when people don’t like me for no reason. That is until I find out how big of assholes they really are. Then I could give rat’s ass about what they thought. There is no point in talking about others. Just leave them alone and live your own life. No need to be a shithead to people during it.


All I know is that the two girls in my class are malicious and the movies I recently watch have a strong effect on my vocabulary for the week. Thank you “Easy A” for abominable twat and “21 Jump Street” for the back pack strap conundrum.


I guess at the end of this rant all I’m really saying is people are unnecessarily mean and it really grinds my gears. Be kind out there people!








3 thoughts on “The Devil’s Progenies

  1. This will sound strange, but I like that environment… I think it is my duty to do something really bizarre… I have a really thick skin, But I know many other people do not. It is my duty to all of the thin skinned folks out there to Humiliate all of the bullies! One important tip, Make sure a total stranger Witnesses the bully’s humiliation. It’s only fair. Justice works in mysterious ways.

    • I am like you and like to embarrass the bullies also! I’ve just decided that these girls will learn their lesson soon enough without my help. There is still two weeks left and I might not be able to hold it in. We will see what happens!

      • My mom always said, ” Bullies eventually get what’s coming to them!” But I always said, I wanna be there when they get it! 🙂 I know that this is not a stellar personality trait…. But I also know that bullies, really do damage to innocent and wonderful people.
        I’m behind you 100 percent!

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