2. A and A

The awesome part of my week is that I was able to drive home for the second weekend in a row, and hang out with my mom. I didn’t want to go out with friends, but somehow ended up drinking with her anyways. So much for the “not partying” part of my weekend. We walked up to a bar to drink, and then I drank at the state fair the next day. I think I drank more with my mom than I do with friends. How does the even happen!?!

The awkward part of my week is running into a friend that I was screening texts from simply because I didn’t want it to be a party with friends weekend.  I went to the state fair with my mom and a band that I happened to see with said friend last year was playing.  We hung out for a while to listen before heading out to go home. After we turned around I heard my friend scream my name  and ask what I was doing in town… Whoops! I knew running into her was a possibility since we both liked the band playing; however, the fair is a big place and didn’t think it would actually happen. I would have texted her back and told her if she knew how to take “No” for an answer when I don’t want to go out. So now when I don’t want to, I learned to just not answer. Only this time… I got caught.

Oh well. Shit happens.  Hope everyone else had a stellar week. Oh, and listen to people when they say no!



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