3. A and A

Well like always I will start out with the awesome part of my week.

Awesome part of my week is that I finally was able to talk to the cute boy that’s in my summer class. I wasn’t even awkward!!! I know, I’m just as surprised as you are!! I didn’t stutter, I made eye contact (which I weirdly try to avoid), I even managed to make him laugh. Everything was going great. I couldn’t believe how smooth I was. Something just wasn’t right…

Awkward part of my week… well the above scenario just sounded too good to be true right? Yeah. It was. While our conversation was flowing and good… my stomach decided that it wanted to betray me. At the right moment when there was a slight silence in our conversation my stomach decided that it wanted to curse at me for not eating breakfast. This wasn’t a quite measly little stomach growl. It was a full on “You better feed me now bitch!” growl that was oddly a few decibels too high. It also lasted, for what seemed like forever. Like  in the “Star-Spangled Banner” when singers try to hold on to the last note and you’re just waiting with your hands hovering apart in anticipation to clap. That’s how long it was. I tried making a joke, but my bodily function of needing to digest something betrayed me and made it awkward. Oh well, I knew things were just going too well.



hungry stome


What can we learn from this? Don’t talk to cute boys on an empty stomach!



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