Please Don’t Stop the Party

So unfortunately my two weeks of nonstop partying for my birthday has ended and school has officially begun. Naturally that means I can start blogging every day now so I can procrastinate from studying and doing homework. I can’t wait to get all caught up on the events that have taken place in the last couple weeks.


All I know is that I am taking a break from drinking… Starting after this weekend of course. Okay c’mon I can’t not go out the first weekend when everyone is back! That would just be stupid. I had a bad hangover that lasted two days and it was not fun. It’s time to drink that water and get my ass back into shape!


I can’t believe summer is over already, but this year has some good things ahead so I guess I’m excited!


I will get all caught up after tomorrow, I promise!


Quick question: Since when was physics a class to be in for all the hot guys??? Guess what my new favorite subject is! At least my attendance will be 100% !! Maybe I’ll already be ahead of the game since I watch so much Big Bang Theory… probably not.



2 thoughts on “Please Don’t Stop the Party

    • I’m taking a lot of hard classes as well, but I think trying to blog and do school work is helpful. I currently have a Ph.D. in Procrastination, but since I want to blog I work harder at managing my time a lot better. There’s time somewhere, you just gotta find it! Good luck!!!

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