22 going on…80??

Finally I have time to relax! This two week of nonstop partying honestly has hit me like a ton of bricks since classes have started. I was hungover for two days, my back hurts, and I’m in bed by 9 o’ clock every night. Did I turn 22 or 80?


If I had to choose I would say the way I feel now is definitely worth the fun I’ve had to get to this point.


The Ke$ha concert was an absolute blast and I came out of it after literally taking a shower in glitter! And yes I dressed up to the T with my blue lipstick, glitter make-up, gold leggings, black combat boots, cat tank top, dollar sign earrings, and a cat ring. I definitely had been waiting for that moment for a very long time. Now before you judge my taste in music, just know that I have a love for the good old music too. Maybe I will write a blog about my favorite music next just to prove that I have a good taste in music as well. But hey, I’m in college and can dig a good song about drinking, sex, and hot boys. So sue me!


The booze cruise I went on is something that I cannot wait to do again.  It combined three great things: dancing, drinking, and boating. The beer was unlimited and the dj was jamming out. It was a good activity to choose for my birthday. The music choice was great for dancing until the dj started taking requests and the same guy kept returning up to the booth. Every single song after that was just dub step. I have nothing against dub step music, but one song is enough. 5 or 6? Now that’s just getting ridiculous there, sir! People started sitting down and going out on the deck after a while. Thank goodness the music master noticed and stopped taking requests from the dub step junkie. Sit down guy, you’re drunk!!! I definitely did want to do a rendition of Lonely Island’s “I’m on a boat” at some point… next time for sure though.


I was able to spend a few days with my mom at our family’s cabin on a lake to relax and rest from the late nights out.  My mom and I together however was just outrageous. We had laughing attacks countless number of times. If we would have stayed longer I probably would have gotten 6-pack abs! But between her running into the screen door 4 different times, me getting stuck half on the pier and half off because I got a cramp, and trying to find shapes out of a wall of rocks like a couple of stoners, it’s no wonder why we laughed so much. It’s a good thing it was just us two considering others would have thought we were just crazy. I hope my future boyfriend will understand.


My last night out was during Harley Fest in Milwaukee. My friend and I headed downtown and it was crazy down there! People were doing the wobble in the middle of the street, bikers were doing burnouts, and it was jam packed! Some drunk guy came up to me saying he saw me “400 minutes ago” and thought I was “hot”. (I had only been there for 30 minutes at that point) Well, uh, I think your sense of time is a little off buddy, because 400 minutes is over 6 hours. Thanks for the compliment though! I had beer and at one point I think I had a tequila red bull. I don’t know what gave me my hangover but after that was when I had the 2 dayer. I struck up a conversation with plenty of random people, and I might have scared some poor dad that just dropped his daughter off at college. Oh well, its college… shit happens. It was just an overall really good night.


Now I am back at school and going to class. The roommates and I already have a party planned for this weekend, and then Oktoberfest is at the end of the month. I guess my party days aren’t quite over yet.


I think that finally brought me back up to speed.  Good thing because I’ve missed writing!


Does anyone have any good/clever suggestions for a Halloween costume?? I don’t have any ideas. Help a girl out!




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