5. A and A

So I can’t focus at my school’s library for a couple reasons.

1. People are loud

2. I run into people I know

3. (the main reason) There are always attractive guys that keep me distracted.


So now I go to the public library. It’s a lot quieter, I have less of a chance seeing people I know, and it’s mostly older people that come in here. All three reasons are taken care of.


The other day I was sitting in one of the cubicles with my ear buds in listening to the classical music for studying station on Pandora. I realized after some time there was a faint beat in the background of my music. I thought this was weird because since when does classical music have drums or make me want to bob my head to it.  It was really distracting and I couldn’t get any studying done.

Then I realized that two cubicles over there was a guy with headphones on listening to really loud rap music. I have nothing against rap music. I even listen to it on occasion. But when I’m studying I do not appreciate it one bit.  The older guy between us definitely wasn’t a fan either.

I would try to look over and give him my “turn that shit down!” face. The only problem was that he must of thought I was checking him out because he smiled…. awkward! Eventually he did end up leaving and I did get my studying done.


The awesome part of my week? I’m not really sure I have one. I usually have more awkward things happen to me than awesome ones any ways. I guess I can’t complain that my favorite hockey player (Sidney Crosby) got a hat trick and was named NHL’s 3rd star of the week. I think that would mostly be the awesome part of his week since he’s the one who accomplished it… right? I don’t know. That’s all I got.


In the mean time I’ll work on my “I’m not checking you out” face.




4. A and A (What’s my age again?)

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! I had finals for my summer class so mine was pretty stressful, but I made it!

Here’s my A and A of my week. What’s yours?


The awesome part of my week is that I am finished with my summer class, and now have a break for two weeks! Finally I get to relax. I spent the weekend with my family at our cabin, and my birthday is in two days!


The awkward part of my week is that I was sitting down at a table with my three cousins (16, 14, and 13 years old) and two other 16 year olds, drinking a beer while they all had healthy glasses of milk. I guess I didn’t get the strong bones memo. I just thought I’d take the opportunity to exercise my liver, right? Let me just say that playing drinking games was obviously out. Milk pong anyone?


Oh well, next time I just need to remember to bring a friend to drink adult milk with. Have a fantastic week!



3. A and A

Well like always I will start out with the awesome part of my week.

Awesome part of my week is that I finally was able to talk to the cute boy that’s in my summer class. I wasn’t even awkward!!! I know, I’m just as surprised as you are!! I didn’t stutter, I made eye contact (which I weirdly try to avoid), I even managed to make him laugh. Everything was going great. I couldn’t believe how smooth I was. Something just wasn’t right…

Awkward part of my week… well the above scenario just sounded too good to be true right? Yeah. It was. While our conversation was flowing and good… my stomach decided that it wanted to betray me. At the right moment when there was a slight silence in our conversation my stomach decided that it wanted to curse at me for not eating breakfast. This wasn’t a quite measly little stomach growl. It was a full on “You better feed me now bitch!” growl that was oddly a few decibels too high. It also lasted, for what seemed like forever. Like  in the “Star-Spangled Banner” when singers try to hold on to the last note and you’re just waiting with your hands hovering apart in anticipation to clap. That’s how long it was. I tried making a joke, but my bodily function of needing to digest something betrayed me and made it awkward. Oh well, I knew things were just going too well.



hungry stome


What can we learn from this? Don’t talk to cute boys on an empty stomach!


2. A and A

The awesome part of my week is that I was able to drive home for the second weekend in a row, and hang out with my mom. I didn’t want to go out with friends, but somehow ended up drinking with her anyways. So much for the “not partying” part of my weekend. We walked up to a bar to drink, and then I drank at the state fair the next day. I think I drank more with my mom than I do with friends. How does the even happen!?!

The awkward part of my week is running into a friend that I was screening texts from simply because I didn’t want it to be a party with friends weekend.  I went to the state fair with my mom and a band that I happened to see with said friend last year was playing.  We hung out for a while to listen before heading out to go home. After we turned around I heard my friend scream my name  and ask what I was doing in town… Whoops! I knew running into her was a possibility since we both liked the band playing; however, the fair is a big place and didn’t think it would actually happen. I would have texted her back and told her if she knew how to take “No” for an answer when I don’t want to go out. So now when I don’t want to, I learned to just not answer. Only this time… I got caught.

Oh well. Shit happens.  Hope everyone else had a stellar week. Oh, and listen to people when they say no!


A and A of my week

The awesome part of my week is that I saw a shooting star, and got to see my best friend after not seeing her for almost a year in the same night. We went out for a few drinks and were able to catch up even though we still communicated some way or another at least every week. Our favorite form of communication lately: snap chat. I don’t know what it is about snap chat, but I love it. I just find it very entertaining. Anyways, we decided how much it sucks that people get too busy that they eventually lose touch the older you get. It’s great having a friend that no matter how much time passed between seeing each other that you can just pick up where you left off.

The awkward part of my week is that we had three guys beg us to play pool at a bar during their… bachelor party??? One guy was getting married, the other had a girlfriend and bragged about all the expensive trips he took, and the other was single and trying…way  too hard! It was kind of a sad bachelor party if you ask me. The guy getting married said he had six groomsmen…. but he only had two of them with him on a pretty important night??? Plus they were talking to us, who gave many signals that we clearly didn’t want anything to do with them. We played pool but didn’t try. We said every place that the bragster went to sucked. We didn’t even laugh at the poor single guys jokes (which in our defense were pretty bad, and maybe a little offensive). We just really didn’t want to be bothered. We clearly were texting each other back and forth whether or not we should leave. But they didn’t notice. They told us to go to the same bar they were headed to after. I don’t know it just was a train wreck for them. Either way it was pretty awkward when they left and we didn’t want to go with. oh well. You can’t win them all.


At least my best friend and I know to handle situations like these… just laugh and joke about it later.

Hope everyone had a good week.