Well, I did it!!

I made it 22 years old!!! Happy Birthday to me!


If you would like to, you can have a shot (or 3) of tequila in my honor… Just a (genius) suggestion.


Having a Birthday in the middle of the week pretty much bites, but I have a Ke$ha concert tomorrow, a boat cruise Friday night, and jet skiing all day Saturday… So it makes up for it!





I probably should listen to Taylor Swift’s “22” since I haven’t yet today…

I also sometimes think I should do crystal meth… then I think mmm better not!


Have a good week and enjoy your tequila!!




Three Reasons…

Three Reasons why I love August 7th.

Number one: It is the day that this wonderful man below was born. Happy Birthday Sid!!!




Number two: It’s Bob Marley Day!!! I love Bob and his music. Who doesn’t? One love!




Number three: There are 13 days left until my Birthday!!! 13 is my favorite number…. I’ll be 22, and hopefully I won’t be singing Taylor’s Swift song too much. It’s horrible how much her songs just get stuck in your head! It’s even more horrible that she can date 22 different guys in 22 hours. Then write 22 different songs about how each of them are stupid…




August 7th is just all around a great day… but so is every other day! Be Happy everyone!


Why start this blog?

In Response to Daily Prompt: Origin Story


Hmm why did I start this blog?

Well I like to write. I guess that’s a start. I just love getting my ideas down on paper and re-reading my thoughts. It helps me get a better perspective of how I think and analyze things.  It also helps me organize my thoughts. When you’re like me and have a million thoughts racing through your mind you tend to need an outlet to help slow that process down.  I mean without an outlet I can imagine that’s why we have things called asylums. But remember I’m not crazy…. Thanks to writing… And tequila… and maybe some other drinks, I mean things.


Another reason why I started this whole thing… Well people don’t really listen to me. Not saying that anyone really reads this either. But just the thought of a stranger reading what I have to say and maybe even enjoying it, just is a good feeling. I don’t know what it is about me that really just makes people not listen or just continue to talk over me. It never really use to bother me until this past year. I have a lot of things to say and just wish I could be heard. I listen to everyone else. Even if it is a complete waste of my time, or causes me lose some brain cells… I still listen. Everyone has valuable opinions and need to take their turns listening and speaking.  So just shut up and listen!


I have a lot of sarcastic thoughts that aren’t really appropriate to be shared at that specific time and place. So I like to come on here and vent about those certain events.  Not everyone understands sarcasm, unfortunately, but when I write it here I don’t really have to worry about making anyone upset… Unlike when I make a sarcastic remark publicly I might have to deal with some unwanted confrontation later.  I am fluent in sarcasm so feel free to converse with me anytime if you are too!


I like the blogging community. It’s a great way to meet new and interesting people around the world. We are all here for the same and different reasons. But we all have the love of writing in common. I mean I guess I shouldn’t speak for everyone here, but I am assuming you all love to write. I hope that’s not a wrong assumption.  I guess there are also the photographers and artists too who show their lovely work.  I guess what I’m trying to say is we all just have something to share or a story to tell, and I like learning about everyone else as well as sharing about myself.


I guess this blog is just a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings about my (ridiculous) life events and meet new people all while I’m enjoying my tequila.





Fill in the Blank

I’m weird because….

I laugh at my own private jokes out loud.

I ask other people questions then answer them myself

I have full on conversations with animals

I watch “Gator Boy” marathons then think I can go out and catch myself an alligator

I watch the Syfy channel for comedic relief

I do an impression of ET (wrap up in a blanket, squat real low, then run/hobble around)

I celebrate Friday the 13ths like it’s a holiday

I’m the only girl I know who hasn’t had her wedding planned out since she was little: and still don’t

I’m deathly afraid of sharks, but still go surfing because of the adrenalin rush

I used to be scared of spiders, but now I have dreams about having spiders as friends

I love feeling sore after working out

I like to name inanimate objects (cars, computer, ipod, phone, alarm clock, etc.)


I’m awkward because…

I’ll start talking but never finish my point

I don’t make a lot of eye contact

When I don’t have anything to say I just smile a lot

I don’t get embarrassed when I should

I say/do extremely random things that leave people thinking “where the hell did that come from?!”

I have no problem talking to guys, until I find one attractive, then I turn into a shy stuttering nervous nelly

I point out the awkwardness in situations


I’m awesome because…

I can get through whole conversations using nothing but movie quotes

My sarcastic wit sometimes just takes over and is uncontrollable

I’d rather watch sports with guys than spend time gossiping with girls

I have no censor (unless it’s absolutely necessary)

I will try almost anything once


I’m most fun when…

I’ve had my fix of coffee for the day

I’m over tired and delirious

Someone gives me a couple shots of tequila

I’m bored and want to do something spontaneous

I want to procrastinate

I want to do nothing but dance dares (dance behind people without them noticing)


I’m happy because…

I have many things to be thankful for

A Harry Potter marathon is on TV right now

Mac Miller is in town, even though I won’t be able to see him

It’s almost my birthday

I’m going to see Ke$ha in concert soon

I have friends that accept and sometimes encourage my quirks



I’m sad because…

It’s 55 degrees in July, so iced coffee was not appropriate today

I never received a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and forces me to accept that I am a muggle (I know this joke has been worn out beyond belief, but it legitimately is hard for me to accept it and makes me sad)

My cat won’t talk to me today

My drink is too far to reach and I don’t want to get up

Time is going by too fast

I hit the point where I’m too old according to my younger cousins and get made fun of

There’s still a couple months left until hockey season starts

No one else has had the honor of attending my concerts as I belt out many songs in the car on road trips (move over Beyonce, I’m becoming a pro)

My weird list is longer than my happy and awesome list combined


There’s clearly not enough going on in my life right now for me to resort to compiling these lists about myself.  Sometimes it happens. Hopefully after a night out tonight I will get back on track with my life’s inevitable laughable moments. Until then this is all you get. Keep on keeping on.



A pinch of me… the auspicious potion that lead to the making of yours truly

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of Me

In response to Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of me

I dropped the whole recipe idea. I feel like a brewed witch’s potion is more like me.

Warning: The practice of witchcraft is needed, but this is for good. Like Harry Potter good.

66 drops of sweat from Mario Lemieux for a healthy obsession of hockey

13 Alligator scales for an adrenalin junkie

3 sloth toes for awkwardness

2 butterfly wings for an extrovert and socialness

5 dove feathers for a free spirit

1 bottle of clouds for an avid daydreamer

7 four leaf clovers for luck

1 gallon of moon rocks for a colossal imagination and creativity

4 bottles of laughs for optimism and happiness

1 Ace of spades from a deck of cards for spontaneity

21 passion fruits for an immense amount of passion and love in everything and everyone important

5 shots of tequila for fun. (Warning: don’t go past 5 or ridiculous things may occur)

11 lbs. of fireworks for trailblazing (A person who blazes a trail for others to follow: a leader)

5 movie scripts: “Easy A”, “Stick It”, “A Night at the Roxbury”, “Step Brothers”, and “Pitch Perfect” for a knowledge of movies and quoting aficionado

1 flash shirt for “The Big Bang Theory” enthusiast

Add as many CDs as possible for extra happiness

For Sarcasm: Add anything left over. A season of “Men at Work”, “Gilmore Girls”, or “How I Met Your Mother”, something regarding Ellen Degeneres, Dane Cook, Kristen Wiig, or Rebel Wilson, maybe a few extra sloth toes, something with a kick to it like hot peppers (or mild peppers depending on how you like your sarcasm), shark teeth for a little bite, and a kazoo for a slight but refreshing hint of weirdness.

Finish off with 2 blue iris flowers for the eyes, 3 pigs tails for the extra curly hair and some drops of golden sun for tanned skin.

Combine all ingredients in a black caldron. Fill the rest with Ocean water and sand for the love of beach and surfing. Stew over a wood fire.

***Make sure to have an IV drip filled with coffee available at all times or else the spell will go south very quickly. Keep in 75-90 degree weather for an everlasting potion.

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of Me


Ah it’s F*cking Karen!

So it’s almost May 1st. That means the sun is out, the temperature is getting warmer, and its time for all college students bank accounts to go to shit. It’s the time that rent is due, and to say mine took a big dump way before this time is an understatement.

I’m a full time student without a job in this crappy small college town. I work as much as possible back home at my fancy job at a law office downtown in a bigger city. I’ll be honest, I make bank working there so I might be picky about where I work next. In my defense my only options are working at Walmart or all hours of the night at a bar downtown with hoodlums, no thank you I would rather pass. So I work Monday through Friday 8 to 5 for summer breaks, Christmas breaks, and spring breaks. I save as much as I can to contribute to my bills. When that money runs out, my lovely mother helps out. She’s a nurse and has to work two jobs because they get shitty ass pay even though they work their asses off. She is one of the hardest working people I know. We have a small house where something always needs fixing, which means more money we don’t have spent on repair. Student loans, house payments, bills upon bills just keep piling up. As a single parent she does one hell of a job making sure it gets paid, even if there isn’t any money left over after.

So let’s think about this for a second. If someone is working full time Monday-Saturday during prime bank hours, how are they supposed to deposit money at the exact time when an uptight college student (who thinks her schedule is the only important one) wants it to be deposited?

Karen: the friend that nobody likes.
Please tell me some of you know about Dane cook…. Yes? Good! Moving on.

So I’m over exaggerating when I say nobody likes her. I only like her half the time. The half when she is in a normal mood and not her “I hate everyone” mood. It also doesn’t help that I have what I like to call bitch syndrome. It means that everything I do or say around her is either wrong, mean, offensive, or she just plain out doesn’t like. However, if someone else does or says the exact same thing I did (or even have done in the past) then it’s as if that person magically became the funniest person in the ENTIRE world to her. Bitch syndrome: problem for girls everywhere since… well ever, with currently no cure or signs of there ever being one. She gets embarrassed easily and well I could give a flying rat’s ass what anyone thought of me. We are pretty opposite, yet we still choose to hang out, live together, and call each other friends. I won’t lie. We have do have fun together. That’s why I choose to stick around.

What does this have to do with rent? Calm the fuck down. I’m getting there!

So today is the 29th and she’s already about to have a bitch fit that me and one other roommate don’t have our rent. Me and this other roommate, Nora, both have financial issues and understand the burdens of trying to scramble the money together in time before the tyrant demands our heads as punishment for not having the money in time. When people walk past our house they probably think we’re watching some bad movie where the characters run into some trouble with a dirty loan shark.

“Where’s my money!?!”
*punches thrown, get kicked in the face and ribs a couple times, some glass breaks

“I don’t have it, I just need a few more days! I promise I’ll get it to you by Saturday.”

“You’ve had enough time… Ricky, kill him.”
*shots fired, blood everywhere

Okay maybe it’s not that dramatic, but Karen sure can make it out to be. Anyways the reason why it’s a big deal (to her) is because she doesn’t want to have to go to the bank multiple times which is a “big inconvenience” for her. The bank is 5-6 blocks away at most, and she drives there! Also, why not wait until you have everyone’s money to go to the bank? Or do you just like making things harder for yourself so you can be more uptight and try to make everyone else around you miserable? By now me and Nora both just laugh it off and ignore her. We always get a good laugh at things that Karen does. Nora is my favorite.

So why did you tell us about your mom? Please keep all questions until the end.

I texted my mom to tell her Veruca Salt WANTED THE MONEY NOW MOMMY! So after a long day of work she went to her bank to take out money, then drove to my bank to put the money in my account, and then finally was able to head home. These distances are miles long, therefore I propose this is more of an inconvenience than a few blocks (But Karen would probably just say I’m wrong). Especially after a day of work when all you want to do is get home. Or the fact that rent isn’t actually due until the 1st. Regardless this story has a happy ending. Karen gets her rent money on HER time. She doesn’t turn into an evil queen and send me to hang by a noose. I get to live another day. The end.

Some people just need to take a chill pill. Karen might need to triple, maybe even quadruple the dosage on chill pills. But until she does I’ll just continue to laugh at her negative ways and not let it ruin my beautiful, sunny, April 29th day.